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About Data2Info

Data2Info is a software development and process consultancy based in Richmond Vermont just outside of Burlington. Data2Info was started by Andrew Sargent in 1989 as Applied Logic Systems. Applied Logic Systems operated independently for about 6 years and grew to several consultants before it merged with a local engineering company. Services were offered through that company until the fall of 2002.

Now Andrew Sargent has rekindled his consultancy as a single-person endeavor with the new name 'Data2Info' to better reflect the types of services and solutions he offers.

Andrew Sargent has degrees in both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. In addition, he has 20 years of experience on the plant floor providing software development and integration services.

As a senior engineer in a larger company for 7 years providing plant floor software solutions, Andrew has gained substantial software project methodologies and project management skills to round out the technical expertise. This expertise can be brought to bear on your projects to help assure success on time and on budget

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